Greed: The Mastery of Possessions

June 25, 2023 Speaker: Pastor James Wychers Series: Slaying the Dragon: The Roots and Remedies of Sin

Topic: Sin Passage: Luke 12:13–21


We have sought to uncover in our series heart issues of sin that hinder us from following Christ and finding our joy and satisfaction in Him. We’ve seen that vainglory and envy are disordered desires to find love, fulfillment, self-identity, and approval but to find them in the wrong places.

The gospel applied to the heart kills these root sins. We find these things in Christ alone.

Today we deal with greed. It’s an extremely pervasive but socially acceptable sin. Greed is an excessive desire for material possessions that corrodes true worship and generosity.

No one needs to be convinced that greed is a real thing in our society. We look around and see it everywhere including in our own experiences. But it’s so pervasive that it has been redefined as an economic virtue. We hear that greed is good in an economic way. It can be easily seen from a biblical worldview. Just read the Bible. It says a lot about it. But actually it’s been shrouded in the fog of affluence. The church has tended to ignore, minimize, and reinterpret the Bible to fit the experience that we have.

We are so inundated with this consumerist culture that our ability to distinguish the blessings of God from the idols of the heart—this has been darkened.

We want to shine a little bit of light into the darkness of our own heart.


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