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Our leaders are doing their very best to make the most wise and loving decisions and we encourage you to continue to pray for us as we navigate the complexities in the coming months.

Our current plan is to hold one service at 10:00 a.m. We will be following the same guidelines for the worship service and fellowship for the foreseeable future and we will let you know when anything changes. 


We love and care about you and your families. Please be assured we are taking your safety seriously by:

  • Extra cleaning throughout the building
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations    
  • Social Distancing ensured
  • Face Coverings required except during the sermon 

Please be aware, our Pastors and the Praise Team will not be using face coverings while preaching and singing, but they will be standing farther back on the stage.

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Sunday morning will look differently so please review the following guidelines:

  • Please refrain from attending if you or a family member is symptomatic.

  • Please follow the Lord’s leading as to when you are comfortable returning. There is no pressure from us except to follow God’s leading in your life.

  • Please attempt to arrive early to allow time for seating.

  • When you arrive, we ask that each family unit take a place in line on the markers which are spaced six feet apart.
  • Upon entering the building, face coverings will be required and you will notice a hand sanitizing station. Please have each person use the hand sanitizer.
  • After sanitizing, watch for an usher who will escort you to your seat. (You can share with the usher if you have a preference of section).
  • The Sections are laid out as follows: Facing the stage, there is a right section, a center section, and a left section. The left section has been considered the overflow area in the past. There is also the balcony, and the café will be open to view the service on the monitor for those more comfortable outside the sanctuary. Each of these areas have LIMITED SEATING and will be first come first served.
  • After being seated, please do not remove your face covering until the start of the sermon and please put it back on when the sermon ends. If you need to use the restroom or move around for any reason during the sermon, please wear your face covering while away from your seat.

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  • For those who desire to give, there will be an Offering box on the table just outside the sanctuary.

  • Please remain seated after the closing prayer until you are dismissed by sections.

  • Upon dismissal, please move straight to the exit.

  • Upon leaving the building, if you desire to visit with others, please make space near the door for those who wish to go straight to their car. We encourage you to move to the grassy area near the annex if you’d like to visit.

  • May God be glorified as we love and care for each other in these ways!



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