Lust: The Gratification of Desire

July 23, 2023 Speaker: Pastor James Wychers Series: Slaying the Dragon: The Roots and Remedies of Sin

Topic: Sin Passage: 1 Thessalonians 4:1–8

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Our work in this series has been to look below the surface. To find entrenched ways of thinking, believing, and thinking that prevent us from following Jesus well.

Every heart-level sin promises to fulfill in some ways, but as we say, it never delivers in the way it says.

We seek to be fulfilled apart from God and his gifts. We will always be dissatisfied because God made us in a certain way—to be satisfied by Him.

Now there may be no other sin that’s stronger in its promises to be satisfied than the sins of lust and sexual sin. Not only does sexual sin fail to satisfy, it brings with it a host of problems and much pain with it. It does the very opposite of what it promises to do.

What is Lust? It’s the disordered appropriation of a good desire for the sole purpose of self-gratification.

All the sins we have dealt with are good desires gone bad. Lust is a good desire gone bad. We effortlessly make things into idols. That’s what our flesh does all the time. Our call as Christians is partly to shine the light of darkness into confusion, misunderstanding, and ignorance.

Sex and lust are pervasive. They have the power to destroy. The carnage is all around us. For many of us the carnage is inside us. Within us. It works its way back into the problems within. In the heart. The roots of sexual sin are in the passions and desired of the heart.

We’ll begin to expose and hopefully uproot these ideas.


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