CVC Exists to Help People Focus on Jesus
as the Center of Their Lives.

CrossView Church is all about loving God and sharing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To keep this commitment in the forefront of our minds, we have a simple vision.

What this means is that Jesus must be in the center of our life. That the life we live we live by faith in the Son of God who loved us and gave himself for us.

Salvation is free but it is not cheap. It cost is the blood of Jesus who died on the cross for our sins. He does not call us to live our lives on flowery beds of ease. He says that if we would follow Him, we must deny ourselves and take up our own cross. This does not mean a salvation which is by our own works, but rather dying to ourselves and taking up our cross means that we must come down off of the thrones of our own heart and Christ ascend to that place.

The life of God is in the soul of man. He must have preeminence. He must sit on the throne of our hearts.

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