Envy: Feeling Bad when Others Have it Good

June 18, 2023 Pastor: Pastor James Wychers Series: Slaying the Dragon: The Roots and Remedies of Sin

Topic: Sin


This series is about uncovering the heart-level sins that keep us from growing and walking with Jesus. Last week we talked about vainglory—a disordered desire for the approval of other people. And so, portraying and protecting an outward image of who we want to be.

The problem with this, as with all sin, is that it does not or cannot satisfy the soul. The thing we’re looking for won’t be satisfied in sin. The approval of others is a vain pursuit that keeps us from experiencing true glory—divine glory. The glory of God.

We find approval in and through Jesus Christ. That is the answer to it.

The root sin today is envy. Envy is a heart-level relational sin that prevents us from experiencing the benefits of the community of faith—the church.

Envy likes to hide itself as all sin does. It hides itself within us. It hides under the covers of false humility and self-righteousness.

In exposing envy, it’s then when we can experience the freedom of the grace of God.


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