But God Made Us Alive

January 22, 2023 Pastor: Pastor James Wychers Series: Witnesses to the Good News

Topic: Good News Passage: Ephesians 2:4–7

Jan. 22 Message - But God Made Us Alive_web

God had a purpose in creating us. To know and to glorify God. Every person who has ever been born has been born for this purpose. But we can’t live out this purpose.

Because we have a sickness that leads to death. A sin that leads to spiritual deadness. This is not a small problem. It is a deep and abiding problem that will incur the wrath and judgement of God. Our condition is critical. The prognosis is grave. A radical intervention is needed if our lives will be saved.

This morning we look at the best news ever. A cure is available. A pardon had been issued.

God’s gracious gift of life in Jesus Christ is the only hope for dead sinners. This is the very heart of the gospel. It is the central truth of Christianity. It’s the reality around by which we are to order our lives.

We look at the text with joy as we see the movement of a good and gracious God who is a physician that heals. A God who is a judge that pardons.

We’ll ask and answer four questions this morning. It will be brought into the heart of God’s and His purposes for this world.


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