By Grace Through Faith

January 29, 2023 Speaker: Pastor James Wychers Series: Witnesses to the Good News

Topic: Faith, Grace Passage: Ephesians 2:8–10

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What must happen for a person to actually receive salvation? To actually, have it?  To actually receive the pardon? To be cured by the cure for the cancer of sin?

Each of us is created for the purpose of knowing God and of glorifying Him. Our lives have a purpose. We have a value and a dignity because God has created us in his very image.

But by nature we are spiritually dead. We are separated from God because of sin and therefore, we are under the wrath and judgment of God for our sin.

Last week we considered the solution to this deep and abiding problem. The solution is the death of Jesus Christ on our behalf and our union with him. The believer is given life by being united to the resurrected Jesus Christ.

We looked at those words: “But God …” But God made us alive. That’s the solution to our problem.

Today we encounter the final point of the gospel message—the fourth point which is the response to this. The truth is, faith in Jesus is the response to the gospel that brings salvation.

Faith IN Jesus.

The gift of salvation has been given. The pardon from God has been issued. The cure exists but not every person possesses it. Not every person accepts it. Not every person believes in it.  Not all people are actually saved.

The gospel is good news—it’s the best news ever. But it is useless news if we don’t actually receive it; if we don’t actually enter into it.

This morning we will see the proper response to the grace of God. We’ll seek to define what saving faith is and we’ll consider the outcome—the fruit of faith in the lives of believers.


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