Why Do You Despise Your Brother?

January 9, 2022 Speaker: Pastor James Wychers Series: Pursuing Unity in Divisive Days

Topic: Biblical Love Passage: Romans 14:1–12

Why do you Despise Your Brother SERMON GRAPHIC_WEB

These are troubling times in the nation and the church. In spite of our differences, we are to welcome one another knowing that God very much cares about our attitudes toward one another. 

We are in a spiritual battle. Our enemy is a liar, an accuser, a divider. He's been active ever since Genesis 3.  

We're going to pick up the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. We will fight lies with the Word of Truth. We will fight divisiveness with the unifying power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will counter accusations with the promises of God. 

This is an opportunity for us to be the people of God, set apart from the rest of the world. A people who love when it’s hard. A people who give grace when we are tempted to judge. A people who welcome warmly when we’d rather fight.  

This is an opportunity simply to follow Christ.  







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