The Welcome of Christ

January 23, 2022 Speaker: Pastor James Wychers Series: Pursuing Unity in Divisive Days

Topic: Jesus Christ Passage: Romans 15:1–7

The Welcome of Christ_web

As believers who walk with others in love, we are to focus on kingdom issues and values: Righteousness, peace, joy, and the edification of others. 

In our passage today, we will find this principle restated. We will find the grounding of this principal in the gospel and the beautiful results of operating this way in the church. 

The message today is: Meaningful acceptance of one another in the church results in God glorifying harmony of mind and voice.  Where do we find harmony of mind and voice that glorifies God? This is not seen much in the world nor in much of the church, yet this is the call for God’s people—to demonstrate these very rare qualities in a world that’s desperately divided, a world that lacks peace, a world that really can’t find good news. 

It's our privilege as the people of God to show, demonstrate, and to live out something different.  Something you don’t find in the world that is governed by the flesh and by worldly desires. But you should find something different here in the church.  


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