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The End of the Matter

October 29, 2023 Pastor: Pastor James Wychers Series: Life’s Meaning Under the Sun

Topic: The Meaning of Life Passage: Ecclesiastes 12:1–8

The End of the Matter_web

We’ve journeyed through this often head-scratching world of the Preacher and it has been a bit disconcerting at times, even enlightening.

The questions have been: Is there any gain on earth? Can we find any satisfaction in the things of this life here?

His answer was in the end, No. No, because we all die and we go back to dust. Essentially what he said is—we are all chasing wind. We are all chasing something that can’t be apprehended on earth. So, what the point?

We’ve seen that from an earthly perspective that he’s been distressingly correct.

Life is unsatisfying.

We can’t find what our hearts truly and ultimately desire on earth.

That’s where the Preacher’s words left us off last week. But in the end, at the end of the story, we get a different perspective. This is a "beyond the sun perspective." The Preacher’s perspective has been under the sun on earth, that’s the way he’s looked at life

But here we finally get a different perspective, a greater perspective. And the end of the matter is that the knowledge of God fills earthly and eternal life with meaning.

This conclusion brings into clear focus the entire message of the Bible.

Now the writer here, I don’t think is the Preacher, but an editor. He offers a short critique of the Preacher’s message—that all is vanity; all is like a puff of wind. He offers a critique of that and points us beyond this world to a reality of another world for which we were made.


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