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The Promised Perfecter

October 1, 2023 Pastor: Kyle Pratt Series: The Promised Perfecter

Topic: Jesus Passage: Hebrews 12:1–2

 The Promised Perfecter_WEB(1)

In a world full of false ideas and notions, how can we as Christians strive for perfection?

How do we live our lives differently? There’s no life hack to salvation.

By faith, we as Christians, we run the race of life looking to Jesus who is our promised perfecter. He is our life hack, if you will.

It is by and through Jesus that we were made perfect and through him alone. There are no steps to take to achieve this. There are no ten steps to perfection.

It is by grace and faith alone that we do this. Christ has completed all for us. All we do is believe. There is rest within this here. There is grace upon grace when we put our faith in Jesus.