Boldness without Hindrance

May 28, 2023 Pastor: Pastor James Wychers Series: The Rise and Witness of the Church

Topic: The Early Church Passage: Acts 28:30–31

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We end where we began.

The story of Acts is filled with many things—excitement, anticipation, danger, conflict, pain and suffering, great obstacles, comradery, fellowship, and triumph over the greatest forces of the world.

The book really envisions the people of God walking this kind of journey

This is really the story of the church throughout history. In it we’ve been confronted with the very heart of the message of Jesus Christ and what it means to be a follower of Christ and what it means to be a witness to the gospel.

The question we have asked is: how can we live authentically as followers and witnesses to the gospel? As the story of Acts hasn’t been boring or stale or dry and it certainly hasn’t been irrelevant, neither is the life that the book portrays.

This is our story, our mission, our adventure, so to speak. What we have seen throughout the book is really what we will see today—that Jesus continues His witness through the mission of His people to this day.

Though the narrative ends with these two verses we will talk about today, the story of what Jesus continues to do and teach never ends, and we are part of that story.

Let us engage with his Word even more faithfully. Let us engage more persistently and faithfully in the mission of Jesus in the way he has called us to it, for as long as he calls us to it.

That’s the most important thing—that we are doers of the Word and not just hearers who don’t do.


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