The Lord of Deliverance

March 12, 2023 Pastor: Kyle Pratt Series: The Lord of Deliverance

Topic: Deliverance Passage: Exodus 3:1–10

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God has purpose and presence in our lives today. Your legacy of following Christ fuels the next generation to do the same.

The next generation is watching us—the way we handle difficulty in suffering; the way we sit at our kitchen tables in the morning and open God’s Word and pray before meals.

Be faithful before their eyes. Realize you have an audience. Your legacy is actually your Exodus story.


The Exodus account was crucial to the people of God to Israel, they would turn to it again and again. It was not only how God revealed himself to the masses, it’s also how he rescued them as well.

The New Testament writers—the majority were Jews. They knew this story; they tell the gospel story of Jesus through a similar narrative story of the Exodus account. Open Matthew. Look at how Jesus is presented. It’s not by mistake. It’s the gospel story.

The Exodus story is not only the foundation, but it’s also the foreshadowing of the gospel—of the great rescue—which is our story.

Just like the retelling of the Exodus story for thousands of years, from generation to generation, (it continues to be retold today) your Exodus testimony in Christ continues to share the promises of God through Jesus.