I Cheerfully Make My Defense

February 26, 2023 Pastor: Pastor James Wychers Series: The Rise and Witness of the Church

Topic: The Early Church Passage: Acts 24:1–27

I Cheerfully Make My Defense_web

God intends his servants to see circumstances as opportunities to confess the faith by proclaiming the gospel.

Opportunities to witness come in many forms. Often in unforeseen circumstances, often in unexpected places, we get opportunities.

The imprisonment and suffering of Paul opened doors to advance the gospel amongst a hard-to-reach people group—kings, governors, the Jewish council.

The challenge for us is to see that God’s good plan is being worked out in both favorable and unfavorable circumstances. It’s the unfavorable that we often have a hard time believing. The circumstances of our lives … God’s good plan is being worked out.

The question for us is: do we trust and actually live as if this is true? That God is actually sovereign, and that God did create this day today. Do we live as though that is actually true?


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