A Gospel Testimony in Jerusalem

November 20, 2022 Speaker: Pastor James Wychers Series: The Rise and Witness of the Church

Topic: The Early Church Passage: Acts 21:40– 22:22

A Gospel Testimony in Jerusalem_web

Every person on the planet worships something. We all proclaim with every breath what is worthy of our affection, our attention, and our allegiance. Our lives say that.

Worship is the activity of the human soul. Every human soul worships all the time.

The question is not—are you a worshipper? The question is—what do you worship?

Today we will see Paul’s defense of himself and of the gospel of Jesus Christ before that hostile crowd. What we get is Paul’s story, his journey.

Every person that calls on the name of Jesus in faith finds eternal forgiveness of sins.

This is the second telling of the same story of Paul’s conversion to Jesus Christ. The first time was in Luke. This time it’s a personal testimony. He’s telling us himself of what happened. His affection, his attention, and his allegiance were set on Jesus. His worship was transformed by his encounter with Jesus Christ.

My prayer this morning is this story will help us think well of our story, where we are on our spiritual journey.




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