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This Just Isn't Fair

October 23, 2022 Pastor: Josh Petersen Series: This Just Isn't Fair

Passage: Matthew 5:38–48

This Just Isn't Fair_Petersen_web

Today, we welcome Josh Petersen to the pulpit.

Josh served as a student pastor for 9 years and then a senior pastor for 6 in Gurnee. He is a graduate of Trinity International University where he studied Christian Ministry and Theology. Currently, he's part of a mortgage lending team here in Antioch, helping people finance their home purchases with care and integrity. Josh has been married to Heidi for almost 20 years and they have four sons together. So yes, everything in their home is loud and broken. Josh has always believed the best way to help people know Jesus and grow to be like Him is through relationships and loving others in the way Jesus loves him...unconditionally. 

His message is from Matthew 5:38-48.

You don't have to spend a ton of time with kids to hear these words: "That's not fair!" If we're being honest, most people are most often concerned with things being fair. We're just kids in grown up clothes. But here's the challenge: there's nothing fair about following Jesus.