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The Sexual Revolution

August 28, 2022 Pastor: Pastor James Wychers Series: Making Sense of Our New World

Topic: Biblical Wordview Passage: 1 Corinthians 6:12–20

The Sexual Revolution_web

When we speak of cultural lies, there are no more ubiquitous lies and deceits in our culture than those that revolve around sex.

We’re going to see the truth—that God has good purposes for sex. But these purposes have been corrupted to the detriment of the people of society.

Sex is powerfully good. It’s a good gift of God. When we use it wrongly, it’s a powerfully destructive force.

I aim to destroy the lies of the sexual revolution and also to celebrate the goodness of sex and the plan of God

Though we tend to say little on this topic in the Christian church, God says much. In our culture, we must speak and communicate about this.

This is a hard topic. It’s a hard topic to listen to as well. Sex is very intimate and very personal. Talking about it exposes that we all carry brokenness in regards to sex. We’ve all been formed by our culture and we’re broken. We are broken sinners.

We are in need of God’s forgiving grace and sustaining power to move towards sexual wholeness in our own lives whether we are married or single.


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