The Gospel Confronts Both Jew and Pagan

April 24, 2022 Speaker: Pastor James Wychers Series: The Rise and Witness of the Church

Topic: The Gospel Passage: Acts 14:1–18

The Gospel Confronts Both Jew and Pagan web

Bold witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ instigates differing responses. Only one of which brings salvation.

The message of Jesus is interesting. The message unifies and the same message divides.

In this passage we’ll see the gospel confront a world full of disparate ideas, different religions, different gods, different idols, etc.

It may be convenient and more peaceful for us to acquiesce to the spirit of the age. The spirit of the age says there is truth in every set of ideas, every worldview, every religion.  Let’s just let it be as it is. That’s just the spirit of the age

It would be convenient to do that. But the Bible rarely gives us convenient answers. The Bible always forces us to wrestle with inconvenient truth.

And that’s what we want to do this morning and every day.


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