The Word Became Flesh

December 19, 2021 Speaker: Pastor James Wychers Series: The Beginning of Christmas

Topic: Christmas Passage: John 1:14–1:18

The Word Became Flesh_web

How can we know what God is actually like?  

We tend to create gods to our own liking and our preferred image. We seek a god who serves us rather than a God whom we serve.  

We find in the beginning of John, the divine Word that preexisted creation and in this Word we find Light in the darkness and we find eternal life in this Word. The one who receives the Word by faith is given the right to become a child of God.  

But how can we know what God is like? 

If we set out to discover what God is like according to our own wisdom, in our own action and our own pursuit, we’re going to end up in the place of the world with wildly divergent speculations. If there will be an answer to the question, it must be revealed to us.  

We can only know God if he makes himself known to us. 

Our primary claim this morning is that God has made himself known; most profoundly in the person and work of his son Jesus. If you want to know the Father, you have to know the Son.  We’ll experience the power of the miracle of the Incarnation and we will encounter the grace and truth of God Himself.  




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