Saul, Saul, Why are you Persecuting Me?

October 24, 2021 Speaker: Pastor James Wychers Series: The Rise and Witness of the Church

Topic: Conversion Passage: Acts 9:1–9

Saul, Saul, Why are you Persecuting Me_sermon title_sermon page

This morning we see the power of Jesus to transform even the hardest of hearts. 

Salvation is a present reality that really does change the hearts and lives of people. In and of ourselves we will not believe in Christ. We will not be witnesses for Christ. We need a power in us that is greater than ourselves. What we need is an inward transformation for God to do something within us, to change us at a heart level. Until this conversation happens, we will not follow Christ and we are not even Christians until this conversion happens.  

But when it happens, we are transformed inwardly and therefore we are transformed on the outside as well. 

Today we will see the stunning conversion of Saul and consider what it means for us.  


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