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The Mustard Seed and the Leaven

May 20, 2018 Speaker: Pastor David Lovi Series: The Gospel of Matthew 2018

Passage: Matthew 13:31–13:35

The Mustard Seed and the Leaven-min

Have you ever looked in dismay at the increasing lawlessness and Godlessness of our society and thought, "What is happening? Why does it seem like Christ's Church is having less and less of an impact on our culture? I don't see growth, I see stagnancy!"

Or perhaps you have had some of the same thoughts even about our own church - "Why aren't the pews being filled? Is our church stagnant? Is God at work here in Antioch, IL?"

Listen, God is at work everywhere, including here!

He works ALL things for good for those that love him and are called according to His purpose! He also works all things to the magnification of his own glory, and in today's passage we are going to see how God works through small beginnings and brings something wonderful out of them.

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