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 Making Jesus the Center of Our Lives

Sunday Service

10 a.m. 

Nursery and Children's Church

10 a.m.

Church Address

750 Highview Drive

Antioch IL 60002

Phone: 847-395-4117

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The God Who Cares

The God Who Cares-min

This Sunday Pastor David's message to us will be "The God Who Cares" from Matthew 14: 13-21.

In Matthew 14: 13-21, Jesus feeds the Five Thousand with only five loaves of bread and two fish. He breaks the bread, blesses it, and then blesses the crowd. Jesus often takes what we bring to him and multiplies it.

God truly cares about us.

Join us at 10. a.m. Nursery and Children's Church is available.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!Father's Day-min

Today we assure our Fathers of our love and loyal affection for him. As children cannot usually bestow much in the way of gifts, for they are usually dependent upon him, but what they can offer, and they may be sure it will be appreciated, is a spiritual bouquet of their prayers and sacrifices for him, a small token of their love for him, a promise to obey and respect him, so as to make life more joyful and easier for him. We can best show our affection by giving generously both time and attention to our fathers on this day. Older people seem to be neglected in this busy world, and they get lonesome, even if they don’t show it. So let us resolve on this Father’s Day to be good and faithful children.




In anticipation of the renovation of the foyer and library area, the library needs to be cleared out of all materials. We have opened up the library to the congregation and giving away all books, CD's, DVD's, small group materials, magazines, etc. A generous donation of books from Pastor Bill Swanger's personal library is available to the congregation too. The library is also open during the week.




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