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Small Groups

 Small Groups4


One Elder's Story

The elder noticed a new couple in the foyer and went over to greet them. They talked about how they had found CrossView and shared a little about their backgrounds. The new couple indicated an interest in small groups and the elder indicated at this time CVC didn’t have a formal Small Groups Ministry, but we did encourage them and that there were several groups within the church body.

The elder left that discussion knowing he needed to see what he could do for this couple. The elder himself was in a small group, which had had a little trouble gaining traction—the participants couldn’t find a good time to meet, and even when they did, one or more of the members often had to cancel. When they did get together, it was wonderful, but the meetings were few and far between.

Eventually, one of the couples had to drop, then another couple joined for a time, but as the summer approached, that couple found that staying with the group was not going to work for them, so now the group was really too small. The elder wondered if the new couple he had met in the foyer might fit the group. He discussed it with the remaining group members and invited the new couple to join. They did and the group started gelling. After a couple of scheduled discussions, and a change of night, the group began meeting fairly regularly.

The group had no particular agenda or even a specific study series to follow. Instead, the members discussed various spiritual topics or articles.

At one meeting, the wife of the newest couple told the group she had a question about a particular phrase in the Old Testament. She didn’t understand what it really meant. Nobody in the group had a ready answer, so the members agreed to study it individually before the next meeting and then discuss it.

The meeting night arrived, and various members of the group shared what they had learned in their individual studies. There were some fairly mature Christians in the group, and some less mature ones, but their studies came to very similar conclusions. As it turns out, the member that didn’t understand the phrase was afraid the phrase applied directly to her and was concerned about the perceived consequences. She was relieved to learn that the phrase didn’t mean what she had thought it meant, nor did it apply directly to her situation.

The discussion became much more personal thereafter, and almost everyone in the group admitted they had grappled with some of the same issues. The member that brought up this phrase shared that she was so thankful she could discuss her concerns and also she was glad she had become comfortable enough to share this personal issue.

Your Turn

Consider getting together with some of your church friends and forming a small group. They are a wonderful place to do life together and a perfect venue for discussing these thorny personal issues. Chances are, someone in the group has some experience with the issue at hand, and the group can help you resolve it.

The CVC elders will be glad to assist you in forming your group and helping you find biblically safe material. We encourage everyone in the church to be a member of a small group, and we will do whatever we can to assist in that endeavor!

Contact the church office or one of the elders via email.


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